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Web Developer. UI Designer. Good Person.

Howdy, I'm Traek and welcome to my digital garden where you'll see what I've built and written over the years.

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Stuff I've Built

Here are some of the bigger projects that I've built that I'm proud of. Check out some of my smaller stuff here on CodePen.

Emeche Wells

Emeche Wells

Emeche Wells is an athlete, photographer and blogger and needed a website to start building an online presence. Built with WordPress and customized to match his branding.

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The Bookshelf

The Bookshelf

An website that allows users to discover new books, create a list of books to read later and review the books they've read.

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What I'm Good At

User Experience

User Experience was my first love and I take pride in designing beautiful, fast, and accessible websites.

Front End Development

Coding was my second love and it's what gets me excited. React, Vue, and WordPress are the tools I like to use most.

Also, I have experience with a handful of other front-end languages and design tools.

Stuff I've Written

Sharing what I've learned in the hopes of solidify the knowledge and helping others however I can.