Green Throne Pet

Green Throne Pet is a pet waste clean up service offered in the Denver area that needed a website to market their services and gain traffic. Built with WordPress for easy editing.

Green Throne Pet

The Client

A new small business in the Denver area reached out to me because they needed a website to market their services. There were a handful of other pet waste cleanup services in the area so they had to find a unique way to stand out.

One of the best ways to stand out as a small business is to have a killer website with even better User Experience (UX).

The Goal

Besides designing and building a responsive website, this project had a few other important goals that needed to be accomplished:

  1. Clear and transparent pricing
  2. The ability to get a quote from anywhere on the site
  3. The site owner's needed an easy way to edit the site content

The Result

In the end, Green Throne Pet received a custom design tailored to guide the user to get a quote for the dog cleaning service. At the end of every page, there's a call to action to allow the user to initial the quote request process.

One of the most challenging and fun parts of this project was the quote request form. Given the importance of this page to both of the user and the business owner, I really took the time to make this as user friendly as possible while keeping the pricing very transparent.

I chose to build this in WordPress to give the client the ability to easily log into an admin dashboard and make any necessary content updates to their site.

This was a fun one.

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