ProcessHow does the process work?


Book a short discovery call

After sending me an email inquiry, I'll respond with a thank you and a questionaire for you to complete that allow me me learn more about your project, budget, timeline, audience, etc.

Once I get that back, I'll schedule a short meeting to talk about the questionaire to hash out any details. Typically this is done over Zoom but I'd love to meet in person if that's possible as well.


Start the design process

This is where I start to wireframe and sketch out ideas that begin to establish the vision for your project. Shortly after the rough draft phase, I'll start to design these inmuch greater detail inSketch and really polish up the mockups. I'll collect any brand assets that you might have to make sure they're included in the final result.

These mockups will be a static, highly-detailed, replica of what the final product will look like. This will allow you to see all elements assembled in a cohesive manner.

At this stage, I'll send over a link that will allow you preview the design as I make updates to it.

I love this part.


Start the development process

After I get the green light to proceed with the mockups from the previous step, I will begin to setup my workspace to begin transforming the design into an interative website.

I always pay special attention to mobile responsiveness and accessibility when I'm coding the project.

Similar to the previous step, I'll provide a URL where you'll be able to follow my progress.


Test, test, test

As a web developer, I'm kind of naturally testing things as I go. It's important though that after the development step is finished, you take time to thoroughly test everything and make sure it meets your needs.

This is one of the reason I like to give myself eight full weeks. In the event that something isn't quite working as expected, there's still time to fix without drastically changing the launch date.


Launch and celebrate

After the testing is complete and everyone is happy with the final product, I can assist you in getting the website onto a new or existing webhost with a real domain so that other people can visit and start to interact with it.

This part of the process should be all smiles. I'm always open for a celebratory coffee or tea with the people I work with.



As part of working with me, I'll make sure I'm available for a full30 days after the launch of the website to ensure things are running smoothly and all of your questions are answered.

After that 30 day period, there are two options:

  • We can say our goodbyes, both go our own ways and hopefully work together again the future
  • Or I'm available as a monthly retainer to be available for general updates and maintenance

Let's work together

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