The Stone Sky Written by N. K. Jemison

The third and final book in The Broken Earth trilogy finally gives us answers about the mysterious stone eaters and the temper of Father Earth. What an ending to an amazing trilogy.

Contains Spoilers

📕 What It's About

This third and final book in the Broken Earth trilogy is about finally getting some closure on the past events. Nassun just killed her father by turning him to stone, Essun has awakened from a coma since unleashing the obelisk gate to protect her comm and The Moon is approaching a point in orbit where it can be recaptured, ending the fifth seasons.

🧠 Thoughts

The Stone Sky was a great ending to an amazing series. It was nice that after all of the build-up Essun finally got to see her daughter Nassun, albeit drastically changed, towards the end of the book. Similar to The Obelisk Gate, this book was jam-packed with information and we learn all about the stone eaters, specifically Hoa.

Although there was a lot of information to absorb, N. K. Jemison did a wonderful job at making it entertaining.

The mysterious beings called the stone eaters got a lot of page time in this book. It’s about time. I’m sure N. K. purposely made them a mystery in the first two books because they play a large part in The Stone Sky.

What I Liked About It

Spoiler Alert!

I like that it wasn’t a happy ending. That might be weird to hear but it’s nice to see the main character(s) not always get what they want. I was worried that after all of this build-up, Nassun and Essun were going to live happily ever after. While we don’t know exactly what happened to Essun after the book ends, we do know that she’s no longer human.

It seems that others who read the book are bothered by the second-person perspective that’s scattered throughout the novels. It didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I liked it.

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